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Cylon Consulting supports securing workers displaced by COVID-19 by providing Endpoint Security for FREE!

We are at an unprecedented time in history. Social distancing, quarantines, and isolation are becoming a norm, and our global workforce is becoming a remote workforce. The careful perimeter you’ve established within your firewall has now dissolved.
In response, Cylon will be doing our part by stepping forward to help our clients / prospect and The IT Nation. In partnership with SentinelOne (S1), Cylon supports securing workers displaced by COVID-19 by providing free licenses for Endpoint Security at no cost until June 30, 2020. This will include full Security Operations Centre (SOC) support, deployment, and management.
Cylon for Endpoint Security provides a fully managed, enterprise-level endpoint security solution that we can easily deploy and support. It is well suited to protect businesses and employees rapidly transitioning to a work-from-home environment, regardless of whether they are using corporate or personal devices. As part of this free offering, Cylon will provide full access for Endpoint Security which includes:
  •  Industry-leading Advanced Endpoint Protection powered by SentinelOne, and providing agent-based AI-powered prevention, detection, and automated response in a single view, across Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems with no connectivity or network dependency.


  • Full 24/7 SOC support: Endpoint Security is fully managed via the Cylon SOC, providing support for deployment, management and investigation and remediation of security incidents.  The Cylon SOC provides clients access to fully accredited, deep security experts actively monitoring their environment at all times.


  • Rapid Deployment services:  The Cylon SOC will work with clients to simply and rapidly deploy S1 Endpoint Security with minimal effort and training.

FREE Endpoint Security Rapid Response

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