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10 Must-Read Tips for Selecting an ECM System. CHECKLIST. Part 12 of 12.

What to Remember when Choosing an ECM System

The selection of an ECM system must be based on the needs of the business. What are the problems you’re struggling with when it comes to information and content management? Who should the system serve within the organization? Is it possible to collaborate with external partners? Can the system easily grow as your business grows?


  • Know what you need and what you’re buying: prepare a vendor research and selection plan complete with your organization’s unique requirements in a system.
  • Identify your organization’s needs: what problems are you addressing and who does the system need to serve?
  • Ensure information access for internal and external parties.
  • Verify that the ECM system enables access to information in critical business applications.
  • Make sure that the system is easy to implement.
  • Is the system metadata-based?
  • Is the system user-friendly?
  • Does the vendor offer user training and support?
  • Is the ECM scalable and capable of evolving along with your business?
  • Is the vendor included in the ECM evaluations by Gartner, Forrester and Nucleus?
  • Does the vendor follow technological development, information management trends and users’ wishes, and are these included in product development?
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Published by M-Files

Focused on information management. Passionate about productivity.
M-Files intelligent information management solutions are disrupting the ECM market, named a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms. M-Files features a fundamentally new and unique approach that eliminates information silos by providing quick and easy access to the right data and content from any business system and device.

A Commitment to Customer Success
M-Files is a company grown out of one simple vision: that efficiently managing information is a widespread business problem—and that solving this common problem is vital to any business.

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