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10 Must-Read Tips for Selecting an ECM System. IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY. Part 2 of 12.


The Cost of Not Finding the Information you Need

According to an IDC study, up to 30% of a single workday is spent searching for information.5 In general, this is because information is scattered across different systems, network folders, emails, and even still found in paper documents. As mentioned, the issue is compounded by the fact that up to 85% of data is estimated to be redundant, obsolete, trivial or dark data. In other words, it isn’t business critical. This excess data will cost organizations a cumulative $4.6 trillion by the year


Another challenge is that a growing amount of data is unstructured data. A typical example of unstructured data is a text-heavy document, where information is often difficult for computers to understand which makes it difficult to classify.

Identify and Find Business-Critical Information

Enabling employees to quickly find information when they need it is the most compelling reason to implement an information management system. The simplest ECM systems use a Google-style search function, but that falls short in dealing with massive volumes of documents. Advanced IIM systems support a more intuitive enterprise search for users via a single-user interface. For example, a sales manager may look for information by searching the customer name, while a project manager may search for the same information with keywords specific to the project. Traditionally, that would yield varying results. However, when search capabilities are enabled with metadata, information becomes easier to find — in whatever context it exists — rather than simply stored, as the correct information can be found wherever it’s saved.6


This excess data will cost organizations a cumulative $4.6 trillion by the year 2020.

Also, search is not restricted solely to data saved within a single silo or even the ECM platform itself; instead, it is possible to search for information across multiple platforms — like CRM, ERP, and network drives. Searching for information across all systems, based on what it is and not where it lives, means users are offered precisely the information they need, regardless of where it resides.

Identifying the One Correct Version

A typical problem within organizations is that several versions of the same document exist. In some cases, they are saved in different locations, making it virtually impossible for a user to know which version is the most recent one. Intelligent information management systems ensure that there can only ever be one single and most up-to-date version of each document at any point in time. For deeper insights, users can also review version history of each document to see who performed the last edits and who opened or viewed the document. It is also possible to revert to an older version if changes were unnecessary or incorrect.

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