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Electronic Filing System​

File all your important documents electronically with M-Files – and you’ll have safe, secure data without wasted space.


Skip bulky file cabinets – and go beyond traditional physical storage.

Current estimates show that up to 50% of space in offices can be devoted to storing paper records, and manually processing and sharing documents can be ten times as expensive as the cost of producing them. Further, it’s not uncommon for businesses to have as many at nineteen copies of common business documents in various formats, such as paper, email attachments, local copies on employees’ PCs, and so on. And worse, up to 70% of documents are recreated, wasting time and resources that should be focused on growing your business.

M-Files solves these problems by enabling businesses to file all their important documents electronically. Documents are efficiently and securely managed in a central repository, on-premise or in the cloud, without wasting space and resources handling confusing duplicates and continually recreating information.

M-Files takes an intuitive approach to electronic filing and document management by using a familiar Windows interface, so your employees don’t have to change the way they work.

Instead of inefficient manual storage and processes that take up substantial space and waste time, M-Files uses a unique electronic filing system that puts all your documents in one easy-to-search vault – where you can find what you want, when you want it.

File and manage documents based on content using our unique metadata-based approach. You will also enjoy fast, reliable retrieval that you just can’t replicate with paper-based systems, or inefficient and chaotic traditional network folders.

M-Files is the right choice for your electronic filing, offering:

  • A secure, centralized document repository for fast and reliable access.
  • Easy search based on “full-text” document content and tags or keywords, not just file names.
  • Eliminate duplicate file storage. You can even store your documents in the cloud.
  • A space-saving electronic system – no bulky file cabinets to house or physical archives to maintain.

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