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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) provide your employees with a reference to common business practices, activities and tasks. Ensure your workforce has access to only the most current SOP versions and ensure the appropriate individuals have read them with M-Files.

Controlling and governing your company’s records throughout their entire life-cycle is critical to ensure compliance with legal and operational obligations. With M-Files, information governance is a snap — you can easily manage records from the point at which they are conceived to their eventual archival and possible disposal. 

Thoroughly remedying a manufacturing issue or nonconformance by initiating a corrective and preventative action (CAPA) is critical for ensuring high quality and staying compliant. M-Files enables you to organize and manage all quality-related documents (like SOPs) and associated processes, such as CAPAs.

The day-to-day operations of your business rely heavily on efficiently managing and processing accounting documents like invoices, receipts, purchase orders, financial statements and tax documents. M-Files lets you take control of accounting documentation, helping you increase performance and competitiveness while improving operational efficiency and avoiding risk.

Collaboration with coworkers, suppliers, partners and other interest groups in a unified, managed way can be a challenge. With M-Files, however, you can easily manage all the documents and the whole life cycle of your business processes with internal and external parties. You focus on your business while M-Files automates your processes.

Providing employees with quick access to up-to-date information that resides within your various internal business applications and databases is challenging. M-Files eliminates information silos and breaks down the barriers between your employees and their information. Structured data and unstructured content is freed from the confines of applications, platforms and information silos.

Your business relies on fast access to up-to-date content to make smarter and faster decisions to stay ahead of the competition. From documents to images, videos, audio files and everything in between, M-Files eliminates content chaos by providing an easy to use solution that enables your employees to quickly locate the exact content they need.

Use M-Files Automated Workflows to streamline common business processes (like contract approvalscontrolled contentinvoicing, etc.), stay productive, and ensure compliance. Watch this video and discover how M-Files automatically monitors each step of the workflow process and sends a notification when there’s something that needs to be handled. It’s simple, quick, and built in to M-Files.

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