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M-Files is honored to be a sponsor of Consulting Magazine’s Women Leaders in Con…

M-Files is honored to be a sponsor of Consulting Magazine‘s Women Leaders in Consulting awards show! We look forward to meeting many of you, and send heartfelt congratulations to all 2021 honorees! Tina Cooper, Amanda Bonser, Rahsaan Shears, Shannel Talton Clubb, Priya Chandran, Anne-Marie Rowland, Caroline Parker, Cara McFadden, Courtney Albert, Amel Hammad, Cherie Schaible, Robin Cantor, Donna Bauer, Elizabeth Butwin Mann, Stella M. Mendes, Nicole Bengtson, Elizabeth Ebert, Paula Bellostas Muguerza, Carole W Streicher, Erin Moloney, Jennifer Marshall, Monica DeBellis, Marci Marra, Sylvia Doane Stephenson, Amy Duchene, Samantha Parish, Maria Steingoltz, Elizabeth Kroger Davis, Edna Pasher, and Kirsten Lentz.


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